Sassenheim from above

Sassenheim from above

Have you been to Sassenheim yet?

Sassenheim is a town and former municipality in the province of South Holland. It was formed between Leiden and Lisse near the coastal dunes.

Sassenheim means Saxon’s home; "sassen" means Saxons, and "heim" is Old Frankish for "home".

The former municipality had a population of 14.906 in 2005 but since 2006, it has been part of Teylingen.

What’s interesting about Sassenheim is it has many castles, mansions and estates dating back to the 1900s. The village church is also built on top of a dune.

The area that surrounds Sassenheim is called the "Dune and Bulb Region" (Duin en Bollenstreek). Historically, Sassenheim had a large bulb flower industry but now only a few fields remain.

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