Rotterdam’s Markthal is branching out

Rotterdam, known for its grandiose architecture, is home to one of the Netherlands’ most beloved food markets: the Markthal.

Having been open since October 1, 2014, this bowed-building houses 228 apartments, 4.600m2 rental spaces, an underground four-storey parking lot for 1.200+ cars, 1.600m2 of restaurants and fresh produce market stalls, which have already proven to be quite the success. It’s no surprise then that a Markthal 2 is on its way!

Fresh produce at ZOHO

From mid-February 2017, the fresh produce market stalls, known as Marché 010, will open another branch in the North of Rotterdam at ZOHO. Just a five-minute walk from Central Station, on Vijverhofstraat, and you’ll be able to get all the produce that would normally be available at the Blaak location, except this time, it's in an old building that used to be an industrial metal site.

010 Market

Marché 010 is a market hall offering stalls to local Rotterdam entrepreneurs and producers. Whilst mainly stocking up on fresh produce and other speciality foods, most stalls have a seating area for those who can’t wait until they get home to dig in. 

What’s on offer at ZOHO

At ZOHO, it has already been confirmed that there will be an Indonesian Toko, butcher, fishmonger, bakery and patisserie. So you can pay the fishmonger a visit to get fresh fish, whilst also grabbing lunch at the bakery that sells fresh sandwiches.

There will be 32 fresh-produce stalls with fruit and vegetables, fish and meat. At present, only 10 stalls and four units have been reserved, which means that entrepreneurs are still welcome to pitch for a stall.

The founder's vision 

Hakim Farkouchi is the founder of Marché 010, and has already confirmed that the first floor of Marché 010 will be used for catering.

He describes his vision as follow:
"The rent for producers of local products is kept low so that entrepreneurs not only work to cover their fixed costs, but also manage to earn a profit on top of it. This is so we build a long-lasting community of Marché 010 entrepreneurs who are pleased with how business is running and therefore, add merriment to the vershal."

More than a fresh produce market

Marché 010 will not just be a place to buy local, fresh produce, it also hopes to do a lot for the surrounding neighbourhood communities. Marché 010 has plans to use its main hall as a training area for young people. It has already negotiated contracts with Zadkine and the Catering Vocational School. 

Marché 010 hopes to be the place where youngsters can gain experience in the fields of trade, commerce and event organisation. 

Farkouchi hopes that Marché 010 will create a positive atmosphere for people to come in and network each other, allowing traders to do direct business with consumers.

Industrial site ZOHO

ZOHO, also known as the Summer Hofkwartier, which had long been an impoverished and empty warehouse, is now a revitalised hub for creative businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. With culinary wonders like Gare du Nord, a gourmet restaurant in a train, and MONO in the neighbourhood, it is sure to be a hipster hotspot.

Opening soon

With Rotterdam beginning to explore its neighbourhood more carefully, the second edition of Marché 010 will attract more and more people to a long-neglected part of the city.

Marché 010 will open in med-February. We can’t wait!

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