RIVM warns against fake coronavirus vaccination invitations

RIVM warns against fake coronavirus vaccination invitations

The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) has issued a statement in which it warns the people of the Netherlands about an email currently making the rounds which claims to be an official invitation to receive the coronavirus vaccination. The institute makes it clear that the email is not from them. 

RIVM: Email is not an official message

The email says that the application for a vaccine is being processed by Medicorps, stating that the payment has been received. RIVM clarify that Medicorps plays no role in the Dutch coronavirus vaccination campaign, and that they have nothing to do with the fake email. They also reiterate that receiving the vaccine against coronavirus is completely free. 

It is not yet clear who is behind the email, or what exactly would happen if a recipient of the message were to click any of the links. Recipients of the email are advised not to click any of the links included in the email, not to call the phone number listed, and to delete the email as soon as possible. If you’ve received the email described, the RIVM advises you to get in touch with the fraudehelpdesk ("fraud help desk"). 

Official coronavirus vaccination invites will only be received by mail

The RIVM have also emphasised that official vaccination invitations will be sent by post, not via email. Healthcare workers will receive their invitation via their employer, while those vaccinated by their doctor will receive the invitation via their GP.

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