Rising prices mean households short of an average of 40 euros every month

Rising prices mean households short of an average of 40 euros every month

New figures from the National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud) reveal that, on average, households and families in the Netherlands will have 40 euros less to spend each month this year as a result of rising prices. 

Households in the Netherlands suffer from rising cost of living

While many people will see their monthly salary increase slightly in 2022, Nibud says it will not be enough to offset the rising cost of living in the Netherlands, revealing that households across the country will see their purchasing power fall significantly this year. 

Research conducted by Nibud looked into the purchasing power of 117 example Dutch households, and, keeping mind an inflation rate of 3 percent and the rising cost of health insurance and gas and electricity, calculated that the purchasing power of households in the Netherlands will decrease by an average of 40 euros per month in 2022.

"Everyone will notice," said Nibud director Arjan Vliegenthart of the rising prices, highlighting the cost of energy, petrol, and weekly shops as the key reasons for families being between nine and 116 euros short every month. 

Pressure on Dutch government to present purchasing power plan

Nibud has expressed concerns about the impact of rising prices for those on lower incomes, particularly those who receive welfare benefits or are getting by on small pensions, and has therefore called on municipalities to act quickly when it comes to processing and distributing the 200 euros worth of compensation some households have been promised in order to combat rising energy prices.

The Dutch government has also voiced concerns about the rising costs of living; in a debate in the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) on Tuesday, MPs called on the new cabinet to take concrete steps in order to improve the purchasing power of residents.

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