Residency permit fees to be adjusted once more

There have been both increases and decreases in the fees associated with applications for residency permits in the Netherlands for both EU and non-EU citizens.

The IND has announced that, following a decision by the Council of State of October 9, 2012, fees for family reunion, scientific research and study will be reduced as these matters are now subject to an EU directive. The fees have been reduced to 225 euros and 300 euros respectively.

The fee reduction for family reunion and formation and for adoptive and foster children also has a retroactive effect back to October 9, 2012 so that those affected can claim a refund.

This is an extra bit of good news for those seeking family reunification in the Netherlands following the government’s u-turn on their Alien Decree which sought to limit the possibility of family reunification and formation to nuclear families.

However, there have been increases in the fees for residency permit applications for non-EU nationals, with the exception of certain categories of Turkish nationals.

The application fee has been raised from 130 euros to 150 euros, although if the applicant arrives with a valid MVV (provisional residence permit) then the fee is not applicable. Nevertheless, it does apply for the initiation of any reapplication procedures.

This news follows a considerable reduction in the fees last year after the European Commission found the Dutch permit fees to be disproportionately high and brought an action against the Netherlands for failure to fulfil its obligations under the European Directive 2003/109.

Despite this slap on the wrist for the Dutch the directive itself does not specify a fixed fee which member states must uphold and they have decided to once more raise their prices.

For a summary of the costs (EU) you can visit this IND page.

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