Relief from freezing weather for homeless in The Hague

The Hague is offering homeless people a free bed at one of three shelters to protect them from the bitter cold spell over the next few days. As temperatures drop below freezing, the city is concerned for the safety of those living on the streets.

The extra winter provisions kick in when the temperature drops below freezing for five days in a row, or when other weather factors such as rain or snow present a health risk. The Netherlands will be in the grip of a cold spell over this week, one that has already caused 30 deaths in Ukraine and 10 in Poland.

To ensure that the demand for shelter can be met, The Hague has opened 125 extra beds in three locations; Leger des Heils on the Binckhorstlaan and the St. Barbaraweg, and a temporary facility on the Genemuidenstraat. The facilities open at 4pm, and homeless people who wish to sleep outdoors can instead pick up a free insulating blanket.

Source: Municipality of The Hague

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