Red Cross sees demand for food aid rise thanks to coronavirus crisis

Red Cross sees demand for food aid rise thanks to coronavirus crisis

The Red Cross has noticed an increase in food shortages in the Netherlands over the past few weeks as more and more people rely on food aid in order to feed themselves. 

More people in the Netherlands are reliant on the Red Cross for food

In May 2020, the Red Cross offered food aid in the Netherlands for the first time, distributing 2.200 shopping vouchers and food packages per week. Now, the organisation is scaling up operations to provide 6.000 vouchers per week, providing people across the country with money spend in a supermarket on food. 

The Red Cross has teamed up with Albert Heijn for the 15-euro vouchers which allow people to decide for themselves what they need to buy. The organisation also hands out food packages to those who do not qualify for other aid. The fresh food in the packages comes from farmers who are now unable to export their products or who have seen sales come to a halt with the closure of bars, restaurants and cafes.

Students, single parents, and entrepreneurs struggling to make ends meet

The fact that more people have become dependent on food aid is perhaps unsurprising considering the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus pandemic which has left many isolated and without work. Recently, however, the Red Cross has also noticed a rise in the number of students, entrepreneurs, and single parents who have had to turn to the aid organisation for support. 

Students who have recently lost their part-time jobs, and entrepreneurs who up until recently had good salaries and successful businesses are struggling as a result of the ongoing national lockdown. In many of these cases, the people who turn to the Red Cross still earn too much to qualify for support from food banks, but they are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

If you’re struggling and would like to receive support for you and your family, contact your local municipality or look to see if there are any food banks in your area. 

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