Record number of fines issued to drivers using their phones behind the wheel

Record number of fines issued to drivers using their phones behind the wheel

Never before in the Netherlands have there been so many fines issued to drivers for using their phones to text and call whilst driving. As many as 80.000 drivers received a fine last year, according to an analysis of the Central Fine Collection Agency’s (CJIB) figures by LocalFocus.

Texting and driving

The number of fines given out last year for using phones behind the wheel is the highest it’s been in seven years. In 2017, 75.000 drivers received a fine for the same offence and in 2016 this number was considerably smaller, at almost 60.000. Texting / calling and driving, or even just holding your phone whilst driving is not a “cheap” offence either, with the fine set at 240 euros in 2019.

Whilst 80.000 fines may sound like a lot, it must be said that this is just a small percentage, less than one percent in fact, of the total number of fines given out for driving offences. Last year, 9,18 million traffic fines were issued, almost as many as the 9,22 million in 2017.

The majority of traffic fines incurred by drivers were for exceeding the speed limit (7,75 million fines). Shockingly enough, 250.000 of these fines were for only going over the speed limit by one kilometre per hour.

Catching people calling

It’s getting easier and easier to catch drivers who are using their phones whilst behind the wheel, especially now that there are special cameras which, via the windscreen, can see and register whether or not a driver is holding their phone. The Dutch police started a trial using said cameras last year.

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