‘Real’ 5G network in the Netherlands will take at least another year

‘Real’ 5G network in the Netherlands will take at least another year

In spite of the fact that Dutch telecom providers have invested over a billion euros in a 5G network for the Netherlands, NU reports that the country will have to wait at least another year until it’s able to access “real” 5G. 

Dutch telecom providers investing in 5G network

In the summer of 2020, KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile made a payment to the Dutch government totalling 1,23 billion euros in order to receive permission to establish a national 5G network. While permits were acquired three years ago, NU reports that providers are still unable to offer 5G services. 

"Even if you have a 5G phone, your mobile connects to the 4G network first," network expert Bart Garvelink told the online newspaper. “If the network sees that your phone supports 5G, it will [then] switch the connection to a slightly faster 5G frequency." In summary, what mobile phones have access to now isn’t “the real 5G” - it is instead “a 4G connection in a 5G jacket”.

No 5G in the Netherlands until early 2024

Providers hope to have the 5G network up and running by early 2024, but NU notes that there are no guarantees. In the meantime, mobile providers await the permits required in order to make use of the frequencies needed to establish a fully-fledged 5G network.

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