Quick and easy boarding: face recognition trial at Schiphol

KLM are collaborating with Portuguese identity firm Vision-Box in a trail using voluntary "biometric boarding" at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

Biometric boarding registration

Passengers will be given the option to board quickly and easily using a separate gate that identifies them using face recognition. They will have to register beforehand at a special kiosk that has been added to the waiting area near the gate.

In order to register, one does need their passport, boarding pass and of course, a willing face that the computer can scan. KLM staff will assist in the procedure.

In theory, once the passenger has registered, they will not need their passport or boarding pass for trips to follow.

The data will only be used for the test; once the passenger boards, their data will be erased from the kiosk’s memory after 10 hours to ensure privacy.

Schiphol: a pioneering digital airport

With a strong sense of innovation to improve experiences across the Aviation industry, Schiphol aims to become the "leading digital airport" of 2018. 

"The framework agreement [between KLM and Vision-Box] consists of a long-term modernisation programme that will bring to life a pioneering end-to-end biometric-based passenger journey. It is founded on completely redesigned, document-less, self-service passenger-centric touch-points," Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box wrote in a statement.

Face recognition trial

The trial is set to last at least three months to test the accuracy of the technology, its speed and reliability as well as user-friendliness so that eventually, all passengers will be able to board as efficiently as possible.

A trial is also currently taking place with a hand baggage scanner that would allow passengers to leave their laptops and liquids in their bags during security. 

Once trials prove successful, they will hopefully be rolled out at every gate at Schiphol to improve international travel. 

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