Public transport prices in Amsterdam rising by more than 7 percent

Public transport prices in Amsterdam rising by more than 7 percent

Various public transport operators in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas have confirmed that tickets for buses, trams and metros will become significantly more expensive from next year, with prices set to rise by a minimum of 7 percent in January 2023. 

Price of public transport tickets in Amsterdam to increase in 2023

Earlier this month, reports emerged that the price of public transport in the Netherlands would rise sharply in 2023. This week, operators in the Dutch capital confirmed that they would be raising their prices from January by a minimum of 7 percent.

According to AT5, the exact rates will depend on three key factors: the operator, the length of the journey, and whether passengers are travelling with a season ticket. All trips will see their prices rise by at least 7,24 percent, while the kilometre rate set by operators will be rising by an additional 9 to 12 percent. This means a jump from 17,9 cents to 19,6 cents per kilometre in Amsterdam.

Longer journeys will see the most significant increase, while season ticket holders will only see prices rise by about 7 percent. AT5 also reports that the price hikes in the city will be slightly lower than in the surrounding areas of Amstelland, Zaanstreek and Waterland. 

Dutch public transport operators struggling post-coronavirus

Operators say the higher rates were unavoidable, as they continue to battle the high cost of energy, record-breaking rate of inflation, rising salaries and low passenger numbers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. They hope raising prices means they’ll be able to avoid cutting services in the new timetable. 

Those living and working in the Dutch capital have already expressed frustration at the imminent changes. "I need public transport for my work, so I have no other choice,” one traveller told AT5.

In order to ease the burden on travellers, municipalities hope to put aside up to 5 million euros for a scheme that should offset some of the higher rates. While the details are yet to be confirmed, some options on the table include offering lower income earners up to 90 minutes of free travel, or reducing tax on public transport for a one-month period. Authorities plan to finalise the details of the scheme on November 3.

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