ProRail: No trains via Rotterdam Centraal on June 24 and 25

ProRail: No trains via Rotterdam Centraal on June 24 and 25

ProRail has announced that, as a result of construction work that is being carried out at and around Rotterdam Centraal, the station will be closed for a whole weekend at the end of June, meaning no trains will run on June 24 and 25. 

Rotterdam Centraal closed in June due to construction work 

Construction work commenced on May 20, 2023, resulting in an adjusted timetable for various rail services. As ProRail explained in May, this means “some trains [are departing] at different times or from a different platform.” In order to make up for this disruption to traffic, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) has deployed rail replacement bus services for some services. 

While this has already had an impact on the travel plans for many members of the public, the most significant disruption is expected at the end of this month: on June 24 and 25, there will be “no train traffic at all” to and from Rotterdam Centraal. Luckily, June 25 will mark the final day of the month-long construction work.

Those planning to travel via Rotterdam over that weekend have been advised to instead make use of the NS replacement buses or the local network of metros. They’ve also been warned to prepare for crowds and longer travel times. 

ProRail working to improve train station capacity and efficiency

In a statement on its website, ProRail explained that the work was necessary in order to accommodate the increasing number of rail passengers in the Netherlands

Over the course of June, ProRail has worked to extend platforms six, seven, eight and nine, and “replace and renew tracks and switches”. Together, this will create more space for trains from The Hague and allow for trains to arrive and depart faster, which should increase the efficiency of the station and allow ProRail and NS to run more trains. 

This autumn, ProRail will carry out work on the track between Rijswijk and Rotterdam. The construction will begin on October 23 and will continue until December 4, and is also expected to have consequences for local rail services.

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