Proposed bill will make it easier to lose your license for drink driving

Proposed bill will make it easier to lose your license for drink driving

Drivers who drink and then get behind the wheel could risk losing their driving license a lot quicker in the future. Those who despite their driving ban decide to get in the driver’s seat risk jail time. These measures can be found in a legislative proposal brought forward by Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus. 

Heavier sentences for drink-driving

Last week, the Dutch Senate adopted another legislative proposal from Grapperhaus. The said proposal allows for heavier sentences for traffic offences. As of next year, for example, those driving under the influence may be sentenced to one year of jail time. At the moment, the maximum sentence is only three months in prison.

In his new legislative proposal, the minister wants to give judges the power to impose driving bans effective from the moment of sentencing, valid for a maximum of five years. Moreover, Grapperhaus wants to make it so that if you have been sentenced to a driving ban, you cannot drive, even if you want to appeal the decision. Currently, those in an appeals process can still take to the road. Should one get behind the wheel despite being banned from driving, a prison sentence will follow.

Losing your licence

If you are sentenced to a driving ban of more than two years, you will lose your license and have to re-take your driving test to get it back and be allowed on the road again. It’s not just drink-driving or driving under the influence of drugs that will land you a ban, other serious offences could too.

The Dutch government has been trying to tackle drink-driving for a while, however, the number of convictions for this type of crime has been increasing for years, according to figures from Council of the Judiciary. The number of deaths has been increasing too, with the number of traffic fatalities due to alcohol doubling in the last two years (2016-2018).

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