Primary school in the Netherlands shuts for summer due to COVID-19

Primary school in the Netherlands shuts for summer due to COVID-19

A school in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam, has shut until the beginning of the new school year after parents, students and a member of staff tested positive for the virus.

School’s out!

A primary school in Vlaardingen has closed its doors until after the summer holidays due to an outbreak of the coronavirus. Two parents and a student were already known to have the virus, having been tested earlier in the week. Following this, a teacher, a parent and a student have also been confirmed positive for COVID-19. Another two teachers have been tested for the virus and are waiting for the results at home.

The decision to close the school was made in accordance with the local health board. “We would have preferred to keep the school open for the last few weeks, but we think safety should come first,” said Rien Wiegeraad, director of the Un1iek school group. “But we are doing all we can to keep in touch with all our children to make sure they have the resources to follow lessons.”

Primary schools in the Netherlands reopened in May, after being closed since March 16 as part of the government’s attempts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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