Price of various food items (finally) falling in the Netherlands

Price of various food items (finally) falling in the Netherlands

After years of high inflation and rising costs, shoppers in the Netherlands should notice that the prices of certain key food items, including milk, butter and eggs, are finally falling in Dutch supermarkets. 

Price of butter, eggs and milk falling in Dutch supermarkets

After last year saw the country record its highest inflation rate in almost 50 years, those living and working in the Netherlands have certainly noticed significantly higher prices over the past several months. Now, however, it appears as though a turning point has been reached - at least for certain items. 

According to research conducted on behalf of both NU and NOS, the cost of butter, milk and eggs has fallen since the beginning of this year. According to NU, butter and milk prices at four major supermarket chains have fallen by 15 percent since January.

The price of eggs, which made international headlines earlier this year, has also fallen by around 30 percent. While this is good news for many - and hopefully is a sign of what's to come in the second half of this year - NOS emphasises that milk, butter and egg prices are still higher now than in March 2022.

Select fruits and vegetables now cheaper than a year ago

Other foods, however, now cost even less than they did last summer. According to NOS, Dutch prices for cucumbers, aubergines, melons and strawberries were lower at the beginning of July than they were this time last year. NU reports similar figures for broccoli, cauliflower, and apples. 

On the other hand, the cost of products such as bread, tea, chocolate, and pears continues to rise. Over the past six months, the average price of a kilogram of onions has almost doubled, from 1,19 euros to 2,30 euros. 

Lower energy costs allow Dutch shops to reduce prices

Talking to NOS, Joep Smeets from data agency Hiipers, explains that there are a number of reasons for these seemingly unexpected price changes - including the fact that supermarkets are now able to lower prices thanks to the lower cost of energy

"Something is really going on in the supermarkets,” Smeets says. "It's not like they're all tumbling over each other. But the price weapon has been drawn.” Farmers explain that cucumber prices are falling as a result of overproduction, while the Dutch Association of Egg Traders says the end of bird flu restrictions has led to falling egg prices.

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