Price of Dutch train tickets to increase next year

Price of Dutch train tickets to increase next year

As of January 1 next year, those travelling by train in the Netherlands can expect to pay more for tickets and subscriptions. This is due to the increase of VAT from 6 to 9 percent and annual inflation.

Dutch public transport becoming more expensive

Each year, the NS is allowed to increase the price of train tickets in accordance with inflation. Based on figures from the Netherlands Central Planning Bureau (CPB), the NS assumes inflation will be 1,8 percent.

Second-class tickets will thus be 1,8 percent more expensive on average and then there is, of course, VAT added on top of that. NS is not happy with the increase in VAT, as it will make public transport more expensive compared to travelling by car. The worry is that fewer people will choose to use public transport because of the cost.

First class tickets not hit by inflation

Whilst second-class tickets will increase in price partly due to inflation, first-class tickets will not be affected. The difference in price between the two classes of tickets will therefore become smaller.

NS has the permission of the government to cover the increasing costs for the use of the train tracks by charging customers extra; however, this coming year the rail company won’t be increasing that rate.

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