Prepare for the Dutch summer sun in October

Prepare for the Dutch summer sun in October

The Netherlands is in for a few days of summer… in October. Yes, it may sound bizarre, but the country is swapping its usual temperatures for summer weather of up to 25C.

Late summer in the Netherlands

After a sizzling summer in the Netherlands, it appears the warm weather will return once again and reach highs of 25C. These temperatures are a lot higher than the usual 16C that Dutch weather gives us at this time of year.

On Wednesday, October 10, we can expect highs of 25C in Limburg and 20C to 22C in coastal areas. In Amsterdam, temperatures of up to 21C are forecast. Not only, will the temperature be warm throughout the country, but the sun is also expected to shine pretty much everywhere without obstruction.

The warmer temperatures that the Netherlands is experiencing are due to the high-pressure area currently above the majority of Europe bringing hot air from the Mediterranean region this way. On Thursday, October 11, we will likely see less sun as clouds form in the sky. There is also the possibility of a shower, but luckily, the temperature will stay pretty warm, above 20C.

Friday, October 12, is forecast to be slightly cooler, but dry in the majority of places, with bouts of regular sunshine despite clouds some clouds in the sky.

Warm Dutch weekend

It’s likely that the weekend will be even warmer than this week. On Saturday, October 13, temperatures in Gelderland, Twente, Limburg and Brabant could reach 25C to 26C and in major Dutch cities, it may be around 24C. Saturday will also see the sun shine and a moderate wind blow.

On Sunday, October 14, temperatures may be slightly cooler at around 19C to 22C and it will be cloudier with the possibility of some rain. Next week, the forecast is uncertain; it could stay warm for a few days, however, the possibility of cooler days, more rain and more wind is gradually increasing.

Breaking weather records

Already this year, the previous record from 2003 for the number of warm days nationally has been broken. The latest forecasted warm days would therefore just be added to the current total of 124. A national warm day occurs when the temperature at De Bilt reaches 20C. In 2003, 116 national warm days occurred.

In addition to adding to the already broken record of national warm days, regional daily records may be broken in the coming days. For example, if the temperature on Friday, October 12, is warmer than 21,4C, it will be the warmest it has ever been in De Bilt on October 12.

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