Poggenpohl: The ultimate choice for luxury kitchen architecture

Poggenpohl: The ultimate choice for luxury kitchen architecture


From the very beginning, when Friedemir Poggenpohl founded his family business in 1892, the aim was to "make the kitchen better.” Over the course of 130 years, Poggenpohl Studio Amsterdam has become the leading brand for luxurious kitchen architecture made in Germany.

As the inventor of the modern kitchen, the former carpentry business combines architectural concepts and practices with trendsetting designs, outstanding craftsmanship and technical precision.

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Precise craftsmanship

Poggenpohl believes that quality is a name that is rooted in the carpenter's craft. What makes the difference in quality craftsmanship is the combination of practical experience with new methods.

An example of this is the special sanding-varnish technique, a processing method which made extraordinary, varnished surfaces possible and became world-famous as early as the 1930s. Today, skilled carpentry merges with the most modern production technology. Additionally, manufacturing that is performed exclusively in Germany ensures the quality and distinctiveness of the kitchens.

Experience Poggenpohl’s unique design concepts

Poggenpohl offers various unique and luxury design concepts:

The +MODO collection

The designs from Poggenpohl's +MODO collection impress in its play with dimensions. For instance, their signature worktop and cabinetry are visually juxtaposed against one another to form an exhilarating constellation.


Pull-out shelves also play with the idea of counteracting the space to create a striking balance. In the unmistakable design language of Jorge Pensi, the worktop is offset by cabinets below which appear to float. The resulting free space becomes a platform for utensils and personal accessories.

The +SEGMENTO collection

On the other hand, the +SEGMENTO collection boasts the classic quality of modern elegance. It displays a persuasive combination of precise lines and impressive functionality. Its linear design language provides a calm image, especially due to the lack of handles. The design allows freedom for personal interpretations, which can make the result appear strictly purist or entirely opulent, depending on the choice of material and colour.

The +VENOVO collection

From the very first moment, the +VENOVO collection gives the impression of freedom. The kitchen seems to float, as side frames lift the cabinetry upward. As a solitary element in combination with standalone high and low boards, the award-winning design dissolves the traditional boundaries between kitchen and living spaces. The unbound interaction between the modules reflects an urban flair.


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