Petrol prices in the Netherlands fall to lowest level seen all year

Petrol prices in the Netherlands fall to lowest level seen all year

This week saw Dutch petrol prices reach their lowest levels seen so far in 2022, with data from consumer collective UnitedConsumers revealing that on Tuesday, the suggested retail price for a litre of E10 (Euro95) petrol fell to 2,082 euros.

E10 petrol cost just X euros a litre this week

In spite of the government’s attempt to curb rising prices by capping the excise duties on fuel back in April, Dutch petrol prices have remained high since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. Throughout the year, petrol prices have broken various records, reaching highs of over 2,50 euros a litre in March 2022.

With petrol prices reaching a low point of 2,082 euros a litre on Tuesday, this week marks the first time since December 2021 that prices have fallen below the 2,10 euros mark. The good news? The experts over at UnitedConsumers expect that fuel prices will continue to drop over the course of the coming weeks.

Dutch petrol prices expected to continue to fall 

The steady fall in prices which has been observed across Europe since the beginning of the summer has been attributed to decreasing oil prices, which in turn has been caused by concerns about a weakening global economy. 

Interestingly, while petrol prices fall at a notable rate, the price of diesel is falling less rapidly, dropping by just 20 cents per litre since June compared to petrol’s 40 cents. According to UnitedConsumers, the suggested retail price for a litre of diesel stood at 2,092 euros on Friday.

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