Petrol prices in Germany almost 40 cents lower than in the Netherlands

Petrol prices in Germany almost 40 cents lower than in the Netherlands

The recent decision by the German government to lower taxes on fuel means that, from June 1, petrol prices in Germany will be around 38 cents per litre lower than they are at Dutch petrol stations. 

Germany votes to lower excise duties on petrol and diesel

Last week, the German parliament, or Bundestag, voted in favour of capping excise duties on fuel. This means that from Wednesday, drivers will pay 29,55 cents less per litre of petrol and 14,04 cents less per litre of diesel. The tax cut will remain in effect throughout the summer

Petrol prices in Germany are already around 8 cents a litre lower than in the Netherlands. The incoming measures mean that Dutch drivers will soon be facing significantly higher prices than their neighbours, which is likely to lead to a surge in so-called petrol tourism - especially amongst Dutch citizens who live near the German border or work in Germany.

Dutch fuel prices significantly higher than at German petrol stations

The recent decision in Germany echoes one made by the Dutch government back in March: since April 1, excise duties on fuel have been lowered by 17 cents per litre of petrol and 11 cents per litre of diesel. This measure meant that Dutch petrol prices returned to a similar level as before Russia invaded Ukraine, but the relief for drivers in the Netherlands has been relatively short-lived. 

In fact, recent figures from consumer collective UnitedConsumers show that petrol and diesel prices are once again climbing, reaching 2,384 and 2,088 euros per litre respectively. Experts predict that the changes in Germany could also lead to falling prices in the Netherlands, as demand here falls as a result of more drivers travelling across the border to fill up, while others argue that the Dutch government should follow in Germany’s footsteps and do more to tackle the cost of living crisis.

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