People in the Netherlands want to work from home more

People in the Netherlands want to work from home more

People working in the Netherlands have become more positive about working from home, and would like to work from home more regularly post-coronavirus, new research reveals.

Working from home in the Netherlands

Research conducted by the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (Het Kennisinstituut voor Mobiliteitsbeleid; KIM) has revealed a change in attitude towards working from home between the end of March and end of June. In March, only 25 percent of the people surveyed said they would want to continue working from home after the coronavirus crisis, but this number has now risen to 45 percent. 

The survey also revealed that the general attitude towards online and video meetings has shifted: 43 percent of interviewees considered video conferencing as productive as physical meetings in March, compared to 55 percent now. Around 60 percent of workers also expect to continue to use video calls after the crisis. 

However, the KIM also discovered the perceived disadvantages of working from home. 36 percent of interviewees said they experienced difficulties finding a work-life balance, 17 percent suffered from physical complaints, and just under 10 percent faced psychological complaints due to working from home.

Judges and lawyers have also recently announced that they would like to continue using online legal cases after the crisis, as video meetings can be more efficient and save valuable time for all involved.

Behavioural changes because of coronavirus

As well as a change in mentality and behaviour when it comes to work, the KIM also investigated changes in social and travel plans, and the use of public transport in the Netherlands. 28 percent of people in the Netherlands who used public transport before the coronavirus outbreak expect to use it less after the crisis. 

While more people are back in the office and are going out for shopping trips or to visit friends and family at the moment, people still go out a lot less than they did before the pandemic. The survey revealed more people expect to be involved in less outdoor activities, and go outside less, after the coronavirus crisis. 

The coronavirus has also impacted travel behaviour. 57 percent of people in the Netherlands are choosing holidays within the country this year, and 40 percent are staying in Europe. The remaining three percent are travelling outside of Europe. 

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