People in the Netherlands spend 2 euros a day on Russian gas

People in the Netherlands spend 2 euros a day on Russian gas

According to calculations done by research agency Kalavasta, people in the Netherlands spend around 2 euros every day on Russian energy, NOS reports. 

The Netherlands spends 30 million euros a day on Russian energy

As part of the European Union, the Netherlands has imposed various sanctions on Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, including freezing Russian assets and expelling Russian spies based in the Netherlands. However, in spite of attempts by the Dutch government to condemn Russia’s actions, a recent investigation has revealed how heavily the Netherlands continues to rely on Russian goods. 

According to research agency Kalavasta, every day the Netherlands pays around 30 million euros into Russian coffers, not just for gas and electricity, but also for all products made using Russian energy. This amounts to approximately 2 euros for every Dutch citizen and resident, or 180 euros a month for a family of three.

Around 15 percent of gas in the Netherlands comes from Russia

Earlier this week, The European Parliament Foreign Affairs Minister, Josep Borrell, announced that the EU had spent 35 billion euros on Russian energy since the war broke out on February 24.  “We have given Ukraine 1 billion euros, but we also pay Putin 1 billion euros a day to provide us with energy," Borrell said, emphasising how important it was for the EU to limit its reliance on Russian energy. 

Around 45 percent of the gas used in Europe comes from Russia. The Netherlands relies on Russia for between 15 and 20 percent of its gas supply. 

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