People in the Netherlands become more aware about online security

People in the Netherlands become more aware about online security

According to new data released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), people in the Netherlands have become more aware of their online security and have taken steps to protect their personal data online. 

Rise in awareness of protection of personal data in the Netherlands

In 2016, only 79 percent of people aged 12 and above had taken steps to protect their data. This figure has risen to 90 percent in 2020. According to their research, CBS found that the number of people taking control over the sharing of their location data increased by almost 30 percent: 

  All security measures Limiting access to location data Deny use for commercial purposes (cookies) Limit access to profile data Check website security Read privacy statement
2016 79% 49% 62% 54% 55% 40%
2020 90% 77% 74% 64% 64% 46%


This trend was also observed in the protection of data on smartphones: 70 percent of survey participants said they’d denied an app access to location and contact data or photos.

Approximately 6,5 thousand people took part in the survey, and CBS found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, people over the age of 65 were less likely to protect their data online. Only 70 percent of people over the age of 75 attempted to protect their data, compared to an average of 93 percent for 12- to 64-year-olds. 

Dutch population most concerned about online presence and security

Within the EU, the people of the Netherlands showed the highest level of awareness when it came to online security, with the highest share of 16- to 74-year-olds taking steps to protect their personal information: 92 percent in comparison to an EU average of only 78 percent. The Netherlands tops the EU ranking, followed by Austria, Finland, and Germany.

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