Peaks: An everyday investment app now available in English

Peaks: An everyday investment app now available in English


Would you like to put your money to work, without having to do any work for it yourself? Then Peaks might be the perfect investment app for you. Peaks makes investing in sustainable Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) so easy, it becomes part of your everyday life the same way that online banking is.

Previously only available in Dutch and German, Peaks now also launched an English version of its platform, giving expats the opportunity to grow their wealth!

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Peaks: An investment app that saves you time

You probably know that investing bits of the money you earn (bits you can miss), can be part of a strong financial strategy for the future. But maybe you're not that into the topic, or maybe you're hesitant to get started because of the risks involved.

Or, maybe, you simply haven't got the time to trade stocks and follow the financial markets. In all these situations, the Peaks investing app can be a great solution for you.

Start investing right away with pre-selected portfolios

To begin with, the Peaks app is user-friendly due to its simple, intuitive design and easy-to-follow instructions. Also, creating an account only takes a few minutes.

What is particularly helpful in getting started without complications are the four pre-selected portfolios (ETFs). Each of these portfolios has its own risk profile, ranging from "Cautious" to "Adventurous", making it super simple to select a funds combination that suits your financial goals and risk tolerance.


What is more, Peaks offers the option to create your own portfolio by selecting from a list of additional funds. This list includes two regulated crypto products, providing a more secure way to invest in crypto than trading crypto currencies yourself.

Peaks: Automatically invest as you go about your day

Another reason why Peaks makes it easier to invest, is by providing various options to automate your deposits. You can deposit a fixed amount every week or month.

You can also enable the roundup feature linked to your bank account which will automatically invest every time you make a purchase. The app rounds up the amount you spent to the next euro and deposits the difference in your portfolio. By doing so, you invest for your future while going about your day: each time you buy a coffee, pay a Tikkie, or take care of your internet bill, for example.

Diversified portfolios and sustainable funds

Peaks ensures that all of its portfolios are well diversified. This means that your investments are spread across many different companies and sectors all over the world, which can help to reduce your overall risk. Also, all the funds in their portfolios are screened for sustainability and ethical practices.

Start investing with Peaks

The costs are simple and straightforward, with users paying a fixed monthly fee based on their Peaks package and a low-variable fee based on their investments. Peaks does not charge any additional costs for transactions.

The app is available in the Netherlands and Germany for those with a Dutch or German bank account. Visit Peaks for more information or download the app on your phone and follow the steps to get started.

Investing always involves risks. Please know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money.



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