Partou: Challenging babies through play

Partou: Challenging babies through play


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Babies love to explore. Everything is new to them. The people of childcare organisation Partou are consciously working every day to teach babies new things. They will help your child with things like crawling and remembering things, but also making contact with others.

Special activities programme

Thanks to Partou’s special activities programme for babies, the little ones will be challenged to start getting active and to discover the world through play. Examples include playing with blocks, balls, or pieces of fabric.

As your child starts exploring by themselves, they will get a better understanding of what the world has to offer, and they will learn which emotions go with a particular discovery.

Partou has so many wonderful challenges for your little one! You can also do a lot of their exercises at home. This way, you enjoy these magical moments of development together. View the 12 exercises you can do with your baby: Watch the videos


Exploring the world full of confidence

When your baby starts at Partou, they'll make sure your child will enjoy themselves with other children, finding their place in the group. This way, they will start exploring the world full of confidence and good spirit. When your little one gets a bit older, they will also look at how they talk, think, solve problems, start to fantasise, and interact with other children.

Partou encourages anything to help your child progress, so they can keep pace later at school and outside of school.

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Find childcare in your area and come and have a look at Partou! They would like to show you how they can help your child grow up. Or register your child without obligation and receive a personal offer. 



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