Parla House of Dentistry: Quality dental care when it suits you

Parla House of Dentistry: Quality dental care when it suits you


Nobody likes to go to the dentist (not yet, anyway). Parla House of Dentistry has a mission to change that feeling. Parla is an expat-friendly dental practice that provides high-quality dental treatments, even in the evenings or on the weekends. Their practice is conveniently located in the centre of Rotterdam and is easily accessible by public transportation or car.

Their dental team welcomes new patients and always strives for healthy teeth and gums for everyone. At Parla, you can count on personalised attention and proper care. Their beautiful practice also strives to provide a relaxed atmosphere.

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Parla House of Dentistry stands for quality

The dental specialists at Parla are at your service for both periodic and preventive check-ups, with oral hygiene treatments playing an important role as well. They also offer services from different dental specialisations, such as implantology and surgery, restorative dentistry and aesthetic treatments.


At Parla, you can be assured that you will be treated by a good dentist who stands for quality. Even if you are an anxious patient, you can let the clinic know and they will work to give you a personal approach and extra care during your visit.

A multi-sensory experience

Visiting the Parla House of Dentistry is a multi-sensory experience. Everything down to the smallest detail (the smells, the colours, and even the sounds) is designed to make you feel as much at ease as possible.

At Parla, it's all about you. Their goal is to have you feel completely relaxed, heard and trusted throughout the whole process. From regular biannual check-ups, tooth repairs to aesthetic dentistry, their treatment experts ensure that you can always be the best version of yourself.


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Parla would like to welcome you to their beautiful and modern practice in Rotterdam. To make an appointment or ask for more information, contact their team by calling +31 103 034 444 or emailing at [email protected].



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