One in six Dutch residents say they cannot afford to eat healthier

One in six Dutch residents say they cannot afford to eat healthier

One in six people in the Netherlands want to eat healthier but cannot afford to buy healthier food and drinks, according to new figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). 46 percent of Dutch residents also say that they are persuaded by others to eat unhealthy food. 

More than one-third of Dutch adults want to eat healthier

More than a third of adults in the Netherlands say that they would like to eat healthier food, according to the new statistics. Of these people, 17 percent say that they do not have enough money to purchase healthy food, while 46 percent say that they are tempted into eating unhealthy food by friends, family and colleagues. 

39 percent of total respondents said that they find it difficult to give up unhealthy food, even though many of them understand the health issues that can arise from eating unhealthily. Despite this, the majority of people in the Netherlands do not want to change their diet to eat healthier foods. 

Overweight people in the Netherlands more likely to want to eat healthier

Many overweight and obese people who took part in the research say that they want to eat healthier. One of the main reasons people give for wanting to eat more healthily is simply to feel fitter, lose weight, or have a better appearance. 

Earlier in 2023, the Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) conducted a study into Dutch people’s eating habits, and found that, while most people in the Netherlands have started to focus on eating and drinking healthier food and drinks in recent years, they are still not complying with the Dutch Health Council’s nutritional advice. 



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