One more thing to check before travelling this summer: Your teeth

One more thing to check before travelling this summer: Your teeth

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Before you rush off to go on your summer holiday, it would be wise to get a dental check-up before you leave. Tandarts Jordaan explains why.

With restrictions beginning to ease across the European Union, you may well be dusting off your passport. But while you’re making your last-minute checks, it would also be wise to get a dental check-up before you leave. Here’s why.


You’ve probably never wanted to go on holiday quite as much as you do this year, right? If you’re in a hurry to get going though, it’s easy to overlook things you would normally be sure to do. For instance, did you remember to let your health insurer know you will be travelling abroad and see what your policy covers in the case of a health emergency? It should include your dental coverage.

The Netherlands is renowned for having excellent dental health care when compared to its European neighbours. Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in a dentist’s waiting room abroad, you can’t be sure that the quality of care you will receive there will be up to the standard you enjoy at home.


Dentistry here is also known to be more reasonably priced than elsewhere in Europe, let alone outside the union. If you are not covered for emergency dental care under your health or travel insurer’s policy, you may find yourself with a big bill and a much more expensive holiday than you had anticipated. So, make sure you know the cost and quality of your cover upfront.

Better safe than sorry

Of course, the most important reason to make an appointment with your dentist in advance of travelling is that you want to know your teeth are in tip-top condition and that any niggling problems won’t get worse while you’re away.


Obviously, accidents can’t be avoided - but worsening toothache or bleeding gums can! These things can be indicative of a cavity needing a small filling, for instance, something inexpensive and quickly fixed at home. However, if left to deteriorate, a small issue can turn into a big problem, like a root canal, in just the space of a week or two.

As your oral health also has knock-on effects on your general health and well-being, why risk ruining your long-awaited break? Better head to your own dentist before you head off. Make an appointment today!

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