Olenz notarissen: Expert tax and law advice for expats in the Netherlands

Olenz notarissen: Expert tax and law advice for expats in the Netherlands


Often when expats live in the Netherlands they like it so much, that they want to stay longer! Olenz notarissen understands this and is honoured that you chose their country of the Netherlands to reside in.

Tax and legal matters for expats

Olenz has noticed that expats are usually aware of the legal and tax consequences of living abroad and that these need to be addressed. However, sometimes expats forget that this also applies to the legal status of their relationship and to the estate of an expat in case they pass away. Since expats often have legal connections to other jurisdictions via their nationality, or in case they own assets in other countries, it is extra important that these topics are arranged in legal documents.

Olenz offers specialised services relating to:

Cohabitation and inheritance

If you buy a house together without being married or registered as a partner, it is important to have a cohabitation agreement. With a cohabitation agreement, you qualify shortly after cohabitation as tax partners for inheritance tax purposes. This gives the surviving partner a large tax exemption for the inheritance tax. Also, it enables you to make a will in which you can protect the surviving partner against claims from children. Of course, there are also other aspects that are relevant in these cases.

Olenz specialises in the legal aspects of relationships

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

If you intend to get married or are married without a prenuptial agreement, it is important to make a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Different jurisdictions do not always align well if you have not made an explicit arrangement. For example, the first jurisdiction can appoint the other jurisdiction whilst that other jurisdiction appoints the first jurisdiction.

That can have negative consequences and lead to unnecessary bumps if the marriage ends. When spouses make a choice of law and an arrangement regarding their assets and debts, it is clear to the different jurisdictions what the spouses agreed upon.

If you have assets in different jurisdictions, the same problem as mentioned above can occur regarding the appointment of multiple jurisdictions. Different jurisdictions often have different rules regarding the division of an estate. In a will, you make clear what law applies and how you want to have your estate divided and distributed. This will help your descendants in case you pass away. Also in a will, you can make stipulations with which the levying of inheritance tax can be optimised, because if you live in the Netherlands at the moment you pass away, Dutch inheritance tax is due.

Olenz can provide assistance and information on the legal aspects of international estate

Settle your legal matters today

Olenz notarissen is experienced in the aforementioned topics and specialises in assisting expats in arranging the legal aspects of their relationship and making sure that the settlement of their estate in case of death goes as smoothly as possible. They take into account the different jurisdictions that apply in a relevant case and also the tax consequences of the chosen arrangements.

Olenz assists clients by using plain language to explain legal technicalities, as well as the routes clients might need to take. Please feel free to get in touch with them to learn more about your situation and how they can assist you in these matters. Visit the Olenz website for more information about their services and the topics mentioned in this article.



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