Number of smokers in the Netherlands rises again

After a period of decline, the number of smokers in the Netherlands has increased significantly in 2012, according to new research by TNS NIPO commisioned annually by the Dutch anti-smoking lobby Stivoro.

In 2011 around 25 percent of the Dutch population over 18 were smokers, the lowest percentage ever reported in the Netherlands. For 2012 this percentage is projected to increase 1 percent, or by about 170.000 smokers.

According to Stivoro, in 2011 around 100.000 people quit smoking and the number of smokers was the lowest ever as a result of smoking cessation programs being subsidised by the government as well as an anti-smoking campaign by Stivoro.

However, the government stopped funding smoking cessation treatments after 2011 and Stivoro was not allocated further funding for campaigns to warn the public about the dangers of smoking.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, Stivoro director Dewi Segaar says, "These figures show that you cannot relax, but must continue to take and improve upon measures and must continue to educate about the dangers to public health."

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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