Number of people using Amsterdam public transport drops by more than half

Number of people using Amsterdam public transport drops by more than half

According to the GVB, the number of people using public transport has dropped dramatically, currently standing at only 35 or 40 percent of regular capacity.

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According to the Amsterdam public transport company GVB, the number of public transport users has increased significantly since May of this year but remains far below usual levels. Currently, 300.000 people travel by public transport in the Dutch capital on a weekday. This is a drop of over 600.000 people, as before the coronavirus pandemic there were 938.000 daily users.

However, at the beginning of May, only 10 to 15 percent of the normal number of travellers were using public transport, so the number of travellers has risen following the easing of coronavirus restrictions set by the Dutch government.

A spokesperson for the GVB stated the company hopes numbers will continue to rise this summer, and that 70 percent of travellers will be back on public transport by the end of the year.

Effects of coronavirus on the GVB

The GVB (Municipality Transport Company; Gemeente Vervoerbedrijf) is in charge of public transport for the municipality of Amsterdam, operating metro, tram, bus, and ferry services across the capital. The drop in public transport users that the GVB has experienced since May led to the company suffering losses of up to 20 million euros per month.

The transport company states they have implemented several measures to ensure the GVB will survive despite huge losses. Budgets and investments have been adjusted, and fewer external employees are hired, specifically for non-essential positions.

Although many coronavirus restrictions have been relaxed, a rule is still in place that requires all public transport travellers to wear a mask to limit the risk of spreading the virus. 

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