Number of burglaries and fires drop in the Netherlands

Number of burglaries and fires drop in the Netherlands

Insurance companies in the Netherlands reported a 14 percent drop in the number of fires and break-ins last year, according to figures released by the Dutch Association of Insurers.

The association analysed statistics from insurance companies, and data available from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the Centre for Crime Prevention (CCV), as well as the Dutch police.

North Brabant experienced the most burglaries

Overall there has been a 29 percent decrease in the number of burglaries across the Netherlands from 2013. North Brabant showed the most burglaries with 5,4 claims per 1.000 households in 2014. This number has decreased by 14,3 percent from last year.

Groningen is the safest province with 1,65 claims per 1.000 households. It is notable that Limburg is the only province that saw a slight increase in the number of claims. 

In terms of cities, Tilburg was registered to have the most burglaries per 1.000 households with 5,5 claims, followed closely by Eindhoven (5,4) and Breda (5,2). Amsterdam showed low figures of 2,8, dropping 25,4 percent from 2013 - the largest decrease of any city in the Randstad.

Noord-Holland has lowest fire claims 

In 2014, 100.168 house fires were registered in the Netherlands, dropping from figures of 115.000 in 2013.

The province of Noord-Holland showed an 11,9 percent decrease in the number of fires, registering 9,5 claims per 1.000 households. The highest fire risks were recorded in Overijsel, followed by Limburg.

Amsterdam registered 4,7 fires per 1.000 households, a 19,2 percent decrease from 2013. Enschede (17,4), Appeldoorn (14,9) and Eindhoven (13,9) had the most fire claims in 2014.

The report showed that 49 percent of fires were caused by faulty or incorrect use of a device or product; 17 percent of fires were due to heating; 16 percent from arson; 8 percent from fire hazardous work; 6 percent from smoking and 4 percent from fireworks or playing with fire. 

Police certificate reduces risks by at least 30 percent

The document also analysed the effect of having a PKVW certificate. The PKVW is a certificate given to homes that meet a number of requirements in the field of intrusion prevention and public safety, monitored by the Centre for Crime and Security.

It was noted that about 10 percent of Dutch households use the certificate. By having the certificate, research suggests that people reduce the risk of burglary by 30 percent and the risk of fire by 36 percent.

The aim of the certificate is to show the burglar that the house is equipped with a number of security measures to decrease the chance of intrusion e.g. good lighting, burglar-proof locks on doors and windows and a fire alarm.

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