NS trains: now 100 percent wind-powered!

One year ahead of schedule, train passengers in the Netherlands now get to ride on 100 percent wind-powered trains. 

The launch of wind-powered trains

On January 1, the NS announced that their entire fleet of trains would now be powered solely by windmills; the first of its kind in the world.

Whilst the trains have always been powered by electricity, in 2015 the Dutch government announced that they aimed to help the NS have their trains run on renewable energy by 2018. 

Where the energy comes from

By the end of 2016, the NS managed to have their trains run on 75 percent green energy after having signed a deal with energy company Eneco in 2015. With much enthusiasm, there was a push towards reaching 100 percent renewable energy by the beginning of 2017.

This was made possible due to the many wind farms having recently been built ahead of schedule. The NS uses wind from farms in the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.

Carbon footprint

Whilst electric trains have always been a more sustainable option for travel given that they are lower in emissions than planes and cars, the recent switch over has made a major step in reducing the carbon footprint of the Netherlands’ transport sector.  

According to CleanTechnica, NS trains use 1,2 billion kWh of electricity per year, which is equal to the consumption of households in the entire city of Amsterdam. This energy powers journeys for up to 600.000 passengers per day.  

Considering the NS is the largest train company in the Netherlands, the difference this change will make to the nation’s carbon footprint is rather immense.

Enjoy the NS

Be sure to check the NS site for travel deals with Discover Holland, and read about deals with the OV Chipkaart for residents.

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