NS: Keeping you cool during your journey

NS: Keeping you cool during your journey

With the warm weather in the Netherlands sticking around, NS has decided to move the repairing of air conditioning units in the trains up the priorities list. If the air conditioning on a train breaks, that train will be taken to be repaired as soon as possible. 

Keeping NS passengers cool

In total, 95 percent of NS trains have air conditioning. The other five percent of trains without air conditioning are often used for short distance travel and have a window that can be opened. In order to keep passengers cool in the warm weather, NS has moved the repair and maintenance of the air conditioning units up the list of priorities.

Extra technicians have been spread across four locations, with the task of repairing and maintaining a total of 5.000 air conditioning units. Once every three months, the filters in the air conditioning units need to be replaced so that the air that passengers breathe is fresh.

Different carriage, different temperature

If you find that the carriage you are sitting in is still too warm, complaining to the train driver won’t do much good. This is because the train driver cannot actually control the air conditioning; it works automatically.

Whilst complaining won’t do you any good, you can move to another carriage in search of a cooler atmosphere. The trains NS uses are designed to have different temperatures in different carriages. So, just by walking through the carriages, you can find your preferable temperature.

It is difficult to tell which carriage is cooler and which is warmer, as this is not indicated in or on the train. Temperatures in the train can also differ per region.

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