NS app will help travellers find empty seats on the train

NS app will help travellers find empty seats on the train

The NS app is going to offer a new feature that indicates where on the train travellers will have the biggest chance to find empty seats. This new feature is expected to be added in 2018.

Sensors on the tracks

The NS will be using sensors on the tracks to weigh the trains’ carriages. Based on this weight, the app, called Reisplanner Xtra, will calculate how full the carriages are, and where travellers might still find available seats.

The sensors that will be used to indicate the emptier spots to the app are already there. At the moment they are predominantly used to weigh freight trains and to test the quality of the vehicles’ wheels.

Optimise your chances

Information about the trains will be sent to the app in real-time, and will mainly benefit passengers who have the time to check the app and decide to stand nearer the end, front or middle of the platform to optimise their chances to get a seat.

Reisplanner Xtra

Currently, the free NS Reisplanner Xtra app offers up to date information to help travellers plan their journey.

It provides relevant timetables per station, a summary of planned work and disruptions, information about the stations and notifications regarding delays of a saved trip. It also lets you download your e-ticket.

A recently added feature helps you plan your trip not just via train, but other modes of public transport as well.


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