New website dedicated to university students in The Hague

The Hague has recently launched an English-language website devoted entirely to the needs and interests of its (potential) student population. The Hague Student City is divided into two sections, containing information about both the "fun" and the "serious" aspects of studying in The Hague.

The "serious" page contains articles about student housing, finding a part-time job and the specifics of higher education in The Hague - including sections on its academic prestige and the various scholarships offered.

Meanwhile, the "fun" page gives information about The Hague’s international student parties, shopping, sports - there's even a section dedicated to Instagram photos of the city.

Because of its broad spectrum, the website’s target audience extends to both international students and Dutch nationals. It encourages all students to get the most out of their time in The Hague, by presenting almost everything a student needs to know in one comprehensive place.

The site is the result of collaborations between The Hague’s higher education institutions, as well as The Hague Student Union, ACKU and the city’s Municipality.

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Elzi Lewis


Elzi Lewis

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