New regional coronavirus measures may be coming

New regional coronavirus measures may be coming

NOS reports that new coronavirus measures may be put in place in a number of Dutch regions soon, as the amount of infections in these areas is so high that more needs to be done to contain the virus.

Rise in infections amongst students

On Wednesday, September 16, more than 1.500 positive test results were reported to the RIVM, worrying health minister Hugo de Jonge, who states that this concerning rise in infections is mostly seen in the west and the big cities. According to De Jonge, students and student houses in particular appear to be the source of these new coronavirus infections.

Affected cities and regions

NOS reports that the following regions may be facing extra coronavirus measures soon: Amsterdam-Amstelland, Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Haaglanden (The Hague), Utrecht, Kennemerland (Haarlem) and Hollands Midden (Leiden).

Extra measures

It is not yet known which measures will be taken because talks are still underway. However, consideration is being given to the earlier closing of catering establishments.

Press conference

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will most likely give a press conference on Friday to announce the new regional coronavirus measures. “There is no single solution to reduce the number of coronavirus infections,” De Jonge said. “We want to hit the virus hard but keep the impact on our society and the economy to a minimum.”

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