New national Lost & Found website launched

Lost something important lately? Starting on January 1 your chances of being reunited with it should increase, because you'll be able to report or search for lost and found items on a brand new nationwide website,

If you find a lost item, you can take it home and register what it was (e.g. a camera, ID card) and when and where you found it on the new site. Those who have lost something can then search for it online.

In the past, if one found a lost item then it was customary to bring the item to the nearest police station. Once the website is active, this will no longer be the case, and residents will be expected to use the site.

If you prefer not to keep the item at home, you may have the option of turning it in at a district office. For example, in The Hague you can turn in lost items at four different locations listed here.

There are two important exceptions to the new system:
 If you have found something on a tram, bus or train, then you should give it to the driver, conductor, or the ticket office.
 If something has been stolen from you, you should always report it to the Dutch police or at a nearby police station.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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