New Dutch 'super-computer' unveiled in Amsterdam

On June 14 at Amsterdam's Science Park, the State Secretary revealed the Netherlands’ new "super-computer."

Named "Cartesius," this computer is the fastest in the whole country, operating at around 100.000 times the speed of an ordinary PC. Cartesius will aid scientists collecting data on issues such as climate change, water management and medical treatments.

The State Secretary notes that Cartesius could profit the Netherlands both academically and financially: "Cartesius enables our scientists to achieve important new scientific insights, and can help to force breakthroughs. But not only that: businesses are eager to transform such breakthroughs into innovations, which could lead to millions of revenue." 

The super-computer will further the international standing of the Netherlands, which has a reputation for being a global leader in research projects.  

For more information on this project and its implications for Dutch research projects, click here.

Elzi Lewis


Elzi Lewis

Elzi swapped rainy Manchester for (rainier) Amsterdam a year ago, and has never looked back. Having just finished an MA at the University of Amsterdam, she is both excited and...

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