New Apple Tap to Pay system launches in the Netherlands

New Apple Tap to Pay system launches in the Netherlands

This week, Apple officially launched its new Tap to Pay payment platform in the Netherlands, allowing Dutch businesses to use their Apple device as a card machine. 

Apple launches Tap to Pay for Dutch businesses

In early 2022, Apple announced plans to introduce Tap to Pay on iPhones in the US. Now, around a year and a half later, the system has officially launched in the Netherlands too, opening up payment options for “small businesses” and “large retailers” across the country. 

With Tap to Pay, businesses can use an iPhone as a card machine, without having to purchase any additional hardware or equipment. The payment system works not just with Apple Pay, but also with credit and debit cards, as well as payment services on other smartphones and devices.

Contactless payments using iPhones

While the launch of Tap to Pay will have little impact on the shopping experience of customers, as Apple explains the system “will provide businesses with a secure, private and easy way to accept contactless payments and unlock new checkout experiences using the power, security, and convenience of iPhone.” 

The payment platforms Adyen and SumUp are the first to offer the new feature, with other Dutch banks and companies, including Rabobank and Revolut, expected to follow at a later date.

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