New 15G tram in Amsterdam gets a GVB makeover

New 15G tram in Amsterdam gets a GVB makeover

You may remember that back in December, the GVB launched a new Amstelveen tram line - and with it a brand new tram! Now, the 15G tram is getting a classic GVB makeover, going from grey and red to the traditional GVB blue and white colours as it is put to use on the tram five service through the city centre. 

GVB introduces new trams in Amsterdam

GVB has bought 72 15G trams to replace all the older models. These trams have gradually been put to use across Amsterdam as they were officially approved as safe for use in 2020, and since the end of last year, they have run on the tram 25 line through Amstelveen.

But the trams running on the 25 line don’t match with the appearance most have come to associate with Amsterdam trams. Instead of the traditional GVB colour scheme of blue and white, the 25 trams are grey and red. 

GVB Amsterdam 15G tram

15G to replace older models on tram five line

But from Tuesday, GVB will launch the new blue and white 15G trams on the tram five service. Up until now, the five line has made use of the older 11G trams, which will soon be completely replaced by the newer 15G model. 

There are 11 trams that will need to be replaced, but the GVB is starting small by introducing only one of the new trams. “We will start with one vehicle in order to give all drivers on line 5 a good and thorough opportunity to get used to the new vehicles,” said GVB’s Iris Bruinsma. Should everything go according to plan, a second 15G tram will be introduced next week.

Images via GVB.

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