What did the Dutch google in 2019?

What did the Dutch google in 2019?

2019 was a weird and wonderful year for the Netherlands and there is a lot to look back on. Thankfully, Google has provided us with the yearly trends in the Netherlands, so let’s look back and see what caught the Dutch imagination this year via the top Google searches.

Looking back at 2019 via Google Trends

This year saw the Amsterdam football team, AFC Ajax, go on an amazing run in the Champions League, beating off world-renowned teams like Real Madrid and Juventus to make it into the semi-finals. They were eventually beaten by Tottenham in the semi-finals, but their run evidently gripped the Dutch people as “Ajax” was the single most searched term in the Netherlands in 2019.

Football proved to be a popular topic in the Netherlands as the second most popular search was “WK Voetbal Vrouwen” a.k.a. the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Unsurprising, since the Dutch Ladies came second, only losing out to the US in the finals.

The tragedies surrounding the fire of Notre Dame and the death of two-year-old Julen Roselló back in January make up the third and fourth top searches of 2019. The top five is rounded off with Duncan Laurence, the Dutch representative who won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

The top Google searches in the Netherlands for 2019

The top Google searches this year in the Netherlands were:

  1. Ajax
  2. WK Voetbal Vrouwen (Women’s World Cup)
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Julen
  5. Duncan Laurence
  6. Bridget Maasland
  7. Iris Hond
  8. Utrecht
  9. Europese Verkiezingen (European Elections)
  10. Val van de Berlijnse Muur (Fall of the Berlin Wall)

Since the dawn of the internet, we have more and more frequently turned to Google to answer all of our burning questions. Here are the top five from 2019 in the Netherlands:

  1. What is an isogram?
  2. What is a podcast?
  3. What is Pinksteren?
  4. What is stikstof?
  5. What is the Nations League?

Google has also provided a number of other trends, like the top searched athletes, artists and TV programmes, you can check out these lists and many more on the Google Trends website.

Google's Year in Search 2019

Watch the video below for Google's summary of 2019 in search:

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