The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

The Netherlands' very own John Oliver, Arjen Lubach, who hosts a weekly show on VPRO called Zondag met Lubach, broadcasted a short video Sunday night that has taken the internet by storm. In just 24 hours, it went viral with over 1,1 million views on YouTube, and more than 21 million on Facebook. 

Perfectly timed with the presidental inauguration, the Netherlands decided it was best to introduce our little country to the president on his own terms. American-Dutch comedian, Greg Shapiro of Boom Chicago does the voice over, carefully selecting the words and phrases that trump would use himself:

"Dear mister President, welcome to this introduction video about the Netherlands. It's gonna be a great video. It's gonna be absolute fantastic."

Kiri Scully


Kiri Scully

Raised a global citizen, to an Irish father and American mother, Kiri has lived and worked in five countries over three continents. Fuelled by culture curiosity at an early age,...

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