The Netherlands is one of the world's strongest financial players

Allianz has just published its latest analysis of the global economy, considering factors such as investments, equity and debt. And, once again, its findings have revealed the strength of the Dutch economy.

Encouraging developments

The report found that, during 2012, the Netherlands performed consistently strongly in financial terms. It is still classified as a "high wealth" country, maintaining one of the highest levels of private household net assets.

The report also revealed that the Netherlands' share of global financial assets increased by eight per cent during 2012. This places it second only to Sweden, which managed to increase its share by an impressive 10 per cent.

Consequently, despite the Netherlands' relatively small size, the country was ultimately responsible for 1,78 per cent of all global financial assets last year. This places it tenth in the world.

Europe's (partly) successful recovery from the crisis

Interestingly the list of the ten best-performing economies includes three other European countries: Switzerland, Belgium and the UK.

The study suggests that much of western Europe could be maintaining economic stability because of the measures which governments enforced in 2007 (such as lowering interest rates). 

But it also cites the Netherlands' unique social and financial infrastructure as a possible reason for its economic buoyancy.

For instance, Dutch households invested an impressive 64 per cent of their assets in insurance policies and pensions last year - more than in any other western European country. 

This is probably due to the nation's generous company retirement provisions. These special measures ensure that a staggering 90 per cent of the population is involved in non-state funded pensions.

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