The Netherlands ranks among world's Top 25 country brands

The Netherlands ranks 18th among the Top 25 Country Brands in the world, according to the 8th annual Country Brand Index (CBI), just published by the global brand consultancy FutureBrand. The CBI is based on a survey of 3.600 opinion-formers and frequent international travellers from 18 countries around the world and insights from a panel of international experts.

FutureBrand uses a so-called Hierarchal Decision Model (HDM) to determine how key audiences (e.g. residents, tourists, investors) perceive a country's brand, taking seven progressively more involved areas into consideration: Awareness, Familiarity, Associations, Preference, Consideration, Decision / Visitation, and Advocacy.

Switzerland has risen to 1st place this year, based on its perceived economic, cultural, and social stability, quality of life, natural beauty, and appreciation for freedom, tolerance, transparency, and environmentalism. Canada, Japan, Sweden, and New Zealand rank 2nd through 5th, respectively. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates ranked 1st among Tomorrow's Leading Country Brands.

Top 25 country brands 2012-13
 New Zealand
 United States
 United Kingdom
› Italy  
 United Arab Emirates
 Costa Rica

The Netherlands' perceived value system, quality of life, and business climate rank highly, while it is not perceived as positively with respect to its heritage and culture and attractiveness as a tourist destination.

Below you can find a full summary of how the Netherlands is perceived based on various factors which shape the country's overall brand:
› Value system - 4th
- Environmental friendliness - 10th
- Freedom of speech - 2nd
- Political freedom - 2nd
- Stable legal environment - 8th
- Tolerance - 1st
› Quality of life - 13th
- Education system - 13th
- Healthcare system - 13th
- Job opportunity - NOT IN TOP 15
- Safety - 11th
- Most like to live in - NOT IN TOP 15
- Standard of living - 9th
› Good for business - 12th
- Advanced technology - 9th
- Investment climate - NOT IN TOP 15
- Regulatory environment - 10th
- Skilled workforce - 14th
› Heritage & Culture - 21st
- Art & Culture - 13th
- Authenticity - NOT IN TOP 15
- History - NOT IN TOP 15
- Natural beauty - NOT IN TOP 15
› Tourism - NOT IN TOP 15
- Value for money - NOT IN TOP 15
- Attractions - NOT IN TOP 15
- Resort & Lodging options - NOT IN TOP 15
- Food - NOT IN TOP 15
- Shopping - NOT IN TOP 15
- Beach - NOT IN TOP 15
- Nightlife - 13th

You download the full 2012/13 FutureBrand Country Brand Index for free here.


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