Netherlands population growth in 2019 already level with 2018

Netherlands population growth in 2019 already level with 2018

The population growth of the Netherlands in 2019 has already drawn level with the population growth of 2018. This is largely down to increased immigration and fewer deaths.

Growing population

The population of the Netherlands has grown by 102 thousand people in the first three quarters of 2019. This is already the same as the entire population growth for 2018 and 23 thousand more than the same period last year. These conclusions are based on provisional figures published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) earlier today.

Immigration is on the rise

The increase in population growth is largely down to increased immigration. By September last year, total immigration was around 188.000 people. By September this year, immigration was already at 208.000. This, coupled with similar emigration numbers to last year, means that the migration balance for this year is around 87.000 residents, while last year the balance was only around 67.000 residents.

Compared with the first three quarters of 2018, this year, there has been an increase in immigrants with a European background. More migrants from Asia, the US and Africa have also settled in the Netherlands this year.

Fewer deaths this year 

The birth to death ratio this year has also contributed to the increased growth in population. The birth rate for both periods largely remains the same: around 127.000 and 128.000 for 2018 and 2019 respectively. However, the number of deaths up until September in 2019 has decreased compared to the same period last year from 116.000 to 113.000. This adds 15.000 residents to the Netherlands population so far this year. In the same period last year, this number was 11.000.

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