The Netherlands made a record 150 million Tikkies in 2023

The Netherlands made a record 150 million Tikkies in 2023

2023 was a bill-splitting bonanza for the Netherlands, according to figures revealed by ABN AMRO’s Tikkie. The payment request app saw more than 150 million transactions take place on its platform in 2023, totalling more than a whopping 6,6 billion euros. 

Almost half a million Tikkies made in the Netherlands on Black Friday

According to ABN AMRO, the busiest day for transactions in 2023 was Black Friday, where almost half a million Tikkie requests were made. Most Tikkies were made for items such as food, lunch, or groceries.

The app also saw the highest peaks in spending at the end of the month when salaries are often paid out. The 150 million Tikkies made in 2023 dwarfs the 130 million made in 2022 - a year that also saw a record number of Tikkies made. 

Deposits on cans and bottles also available by Tikkie in some stores

Aside from the food and groceries, many people also used Tikkie to reclaim their deposits on cans and bottles from Dutch supermarkets. According to the app, there were more than 2,1 million can and bottle deposits collected and paid via the Tikkie service. 

Though ABN AMRO’s Tikkie remains one of the most popular transfer apps, other Dutch banks such as ING and Rabobank also offer their own service. This means that the 6,6 billion euros transferred using Tikkie in 2023 are not the only bills that the Dutch chose to split - even more billions could lie on other money transfer apps.

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