The Netherlands has the fourth-highest vaccination rate in the EU

The Netherlands has the fourth-highest vaccination rate in the EU

New figures reveal that 82,4 percent of the population of the Netherlands has received at least one jab, and that 52,7 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Coronavirus vaccinations in the Netherlands

After a slow start, the Dutch vaccination campaign really picked up speed over the course of the spring, and now everyone over the age of 12 that lives in the Netherlands has received an invite to book their jab. Over 18,4 million vaccinations have taken place since January 6.

This progress has had a significant impact on the coronavirus immunity of the country. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Netherlands has the third-highest vaccination rate in the EU, with 82,4 percent of the adult population at least partially vaccinated against coronavirus.

Country Uptake at least one dose
Iceland 90%
Belgium 82,7%
Malta 82,5%
The Netherlands 82,4%
Denmark 80,3%
Finland 76,7%
Ireland 74,4%
Luxembourg 73,9%
Spain 73%
Portugal 72,4%


Figures published on the government’s corona dashboard say that, as of July 11, almost seven million people have been fully vaccinated, while a further 4,7 million are waiting for their second dose. According to the ECDC, the countries with the lowest vaccination rate are Romania (30,8 percent) and Bulgaria (18 percent).

Pace of vaccination continues to slow

Now that many have already received their jabs, the Dutch government notes that the willingness to vaccinate is stagnating. According to the corona dashboard, 89 percent of people aged 16 and above have either already been vaccinated or say they want the protection. 

The fast vaccination pace is also starting to stall; last week, 1,2 million vaccinations took place, the lowest figure since May. Back in June, the Netherlands was carrying out approximately 1,7 million jabs every week.

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