The Netherlands is getting 10 to 20 new train stations!

The Netherlands is getting 10 to 20 new train stations!

In the next 10 years, rail infrastructure manager ProRail will invest 3,5 billion euros in the renovation of existing stations and the construction of 10 to 20 new ones. Building these new stations is essential in order to cope with the predicted passenger growth of around 30 to 40 percent.

New Dutch train stations don’t come cheap

According to ProRail Chief Executive Pier Eringa, each new train station will cost around 30 million euros. Municipalities, provinces, the government and transport companies themselves will have to come up with this money together. In the last 10 years, a great number of new train stations were built, however, this is not enough to deal with the ever-increasing growth of passengers.

Many municipalities have already asked ProRail for their own station. Before anything can happen, however, negotiations need to be had with public authorities and financiers.

Renovations and “the station of the future”

Its not just new stations that will be built, exiting stations will also be revamped to increase accessibility for trains and passengers and ensure extra comfort. To this end, platforms will be extended and widened, allowing passengers to board or leave the train quicker and easier.

With the renovations, ProRail is working towards the so-called “station of the future”, a station equipped with every convenience. In their plans, they highlight features such as more lifts, ramps, sanitary facilities, cameras, tiles on the platform which illuminate to indicate where one can board the train, places to charge your electric bike or car, and the possibility to reserve a bicycle parking spot via the app.

All 402 stations in the Netherlands will also receive new furniture and waiting areas, along with more spaces in the bike parking facilities. Currently, there are 554.773 bicycle racks.

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