Netherlands demands negative coronavirus test for all travellers

Netherlands demands negative coronavirus test for all travellers

The Dutch government has announced that, from December 29, anyone travelling to the Netherlands will be required to provide proof of a recent negative coronavirus test before arriving in the country. 

Negative coronavirus test mandatory for all travellers

From Tuesday, all travellers - including Dutch citizens and residents of the Netherlands - will be required to provide evidence of a negative PCR test before arriving in the Netherlands. This requirement will apply to those travelling by plane, but also by bus, train or boat. 

Those travelling by plane will have to provide proof of a negative test result before being able to board at the airport, while anyone travelling internationally by bus or train will be checked either before departure or during the journey (but always before the first stop in the Netherlands). Anyone who fails to provide proof will either be denied boarding or be asked to exit the vehicle.

The test must have been carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival in the Netherlands. All travellers will still be expected to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the Netherlands. The government also highlights their ongoing advice to only travel internationally if it is absolutely necessary.

Travelling to and from the Netherlands during coronavirus

The government’s announcement doesn’t come as a surprise. In a statement on December 23, it was revealed that the flight ban the government had placed on travellers from the UK and South Africa had been lifted, provided those flying to the Netherlands had tested negative for coronavirus within 72 hours prior to arrival in the country. 

In the statement, the government also announced intentions to set this requirement for all travellers to the Netherlands. It didn’t take long for this plan to become reality. For more information about travelling during coronavirus, click here, or visit the government website.

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magusperde2 11:58 | 3 January 2021

It’s really regretful that the Dutch government isn’t willing to utilize a test that can actually detect viral infection and infectious people when there is one already out there. Portugal has banned the PCR test because it is inefficient and inappropriate for detecting viral infections, just as the creator of the PCR test, Nobel Prize winning doctor Kary Mullis, strongly emphasized. The PCR test has consistently produced 89% – 96% FALSE positives, yet the Dutch authorities still insist on using it. These results are extremely misleading and lend themselves to misinterpretation that can and has lead to fear, panic and hysterically exaggerated and misaligned social and medical protocols. In addition, each PCR test cost about 125 euro and takes 2 - 3 days to get the result. The Rapid Antigen test is a far better gauge of infection and infectiousness, costs less than 10 euro and you get your result in less than 20 minutes. You have to ask yourself why the Dutch government wouldn’t be interested in authentically protecting its people with an accurate test that could very easily lead to the reversal of the Draconian measures that are doing far more damage to its people than the illness has in the way of lost income, mental illness, addiction, suicide, domestic abuse, etc. Other illnesses like cancer and heart disease are not being treated because people are discouraged or afraid to go to hospitals. They are told that the hospitals are overflowing with Covid cases, which they are not. The answer is because the pharmaceutical companies and other forces that are controlling the people in government and in authoritative positions desperately need to keep the momentum going in the direction it has, even though the fatality rate of Covid-19 is less than that of the seasonal flu, though some of the symptoms can be far more serious. In order for there to be a bona fide ‘pandemic’ there must be an ‘excess mortality’ figure that supports this designation, but the excess mortality for 2020 was actually less than it was in 2018 and nothing advertised as a pandemic was reported in that year. Now we have the latest strategy to frighten and traumatize people into blind compliance and to leverage more unnecessary and society-decimating lockdowns…the ‘mutations and variants of Covid-19’. It’s interesting that the controlled, technocracy-owned media doesn’t mention that, by the time Covid-19 made it to Europe from China, it had already mutated into more than one variant and that this is what viruses do until they burn themselves out. And with each mutation, they become weaker. This current deception and tool of mass-manipulation now has most people fearing their own shadows as potential carriers, thinking that each new mutation is to be treated as a new Covid-19 level threat. The average person’s lack of basic science and medical understanding then allows the governments their hysterical, panic-based overreach. It’s entirely unnecessary and it’s destroying the lives of every person on the planet from every imaginable angle. People simply must educate themselves outside of the mainstream, corporate-owned sources of information or they will eventually allow themselves to be marched into the metaphorical 21st century gas chambers because they are being told that it is for their own good and the good of everyone else. Only a radical separation from oneself and one’s connection with Spirit can create such a profoundly suicidal lack of common sense. The things that have been done in the name of an illness, this illness, amounts to the greatest crime in the history of humanity. It has absolutely and utterly destroyed the global economy, especially small businesses, and crushed the lives and the souls of the people of the world who have been forced to succumb to ridiculous measures because, in our pathological distraction and unquestioned compliance, we have allowed this. There is no objective, honest and cross-referenced science that supports these measures. The next piece will be to continue to blindside and coral everyone into a corner, via all the popular media-driven hysteria and lies, where their sovereign, God-given right to decide what we put into our bodies as medicine will be taken away. Imagine, this means that the Nuremberg Charter of 1945 will be undermined. How quickly the Dutch people and others forget what that was created for! Those who do not look deeply enough into what has been and is going on, will be coerced or even forced to accept a completely unsafe, not sufficiently or objectively tested, DNA-altering, very toxic vaccine, the results of which we will all be suffering from for decades to come.